Free Webinars

Do you share excitement of being part the finest community of GREAT Families; and the long-term impact it can have? If yes, then join in for our sequence of Webinars.

Every Saturday (about 30-40 minutes max.)
22.30 Australia / 17.00 India / 19.30 Singapore, Taiwan / 07.30 NY

Themes for next webinars

  1. 21 April – The Winning Formula – Changing Just One Habit – Case of AlCoA
  2. 28 April – (Close Group) – The Power of family Tree Integration

Summary and Recording from Past Webinars

  1. 17 March – Why is the Family System so critical today; all over once again? Summary and recording
  2. 24 March – Brainstorming session – how to get people to realise that they are living mediocrity – Summary and recording
  3. 31 March – Social Media; What Works and What Doesn’t – Summary
  4. 7 April – One Strategy to make life easier for School Teachers and Principals – MUST for School Principals, Trustees and edu-preneurs
  5. 14 April – Work-Life Balance – What is NOT working?

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